720Raise for Team Managers

We try hard to make life easier for team managers. Here is what 720Raise does to help you help your team, your players and your coaches.


720Raise is a website and application that helps you set up an email-based fundraising campaign. When you create an account on 720Raise.com, we help you set up a landing page (eg., https://720raise.com/team/demo) that serves two purposes. First, the landing page helps "convert" visitors to donate to the team, and second, the landing page acts as a "scoreboard" to help players, coaches and donors track the campaign. The first step of this process is to create a "Team" in the 720Raise application. We encourage you to upload a Team specific background picture and icon. And we find that have a simple video recording, hosted on YouTube.com, that shows your team or at least your team captains explaining their goals for the fundraise to really help personalize the experience.

After you create a Team landing page, critically, to help you advertise this landing page, we help you create a list of potential donors by making it easy for you to ask players to contribute email address of family, friends, and associates. This second step we call creating a "Campaign" in the 720Raise application. Each Team can have multiple Campaigns, for example, some teams raise funds separately for pre-season and mid-season, or have one-off charity focused team fundraising events. We allow you to add multiple "Players" to a Campaign and to send them an "Invitation" to personalize the campaign with a picture of themselves and add email addresses of potential donors. You can do this manually as well, but we try to automate this donor list building process for you.

In order to collect funds, we help you use Stripe. Stripe.com is a payment processor used by large companies worldwide to simplify the collection of payments from debit and credit cards. When you create an account on Stripe.com, you establish a direct payment option so donations go directly to you -- both Stripe and 720Raise deduct fees prior to sending net payments to either your bank account or a debit card. Additionally, Stripe.com offers a discount to certified 501(c)(3) charities [1] in the US. Once you connect your Stripe.com account to your 720Raise.com account you're ready to start your Campaign.

We manage Campaigns as a so-called "email drip" demand creation process. This means we send an email to each potential Donor as suggested by your Players and ask them to visit the Team-specific landing page you created earlier. We then monitor the donation process and track who has contributed, how much they paid and report this information to you. All funds are deposited to your account as payments are processed by Stripe.com. There is no delay. Funds are available to you immediately.

Please sign up now for a free account and let us help you start the process of raising funds for your team easily and in the most flexible, cost-effective way.

[1] Please note that Stripe.com expects the 501(c)(3) certification process will require one- to two weeks to complete.